CASology #294 Start

Hello There!

The next Challenge at CASology is up this week and the cue word is START.

Week 294 - Start

Here’s my take on the cue word

Bharati nayudu MFT our story CASology Start over CAS card.jpg

The moment I read the cue word – Start, I got ideas about card for encouraging others to start something new in their life or for someone who has started something new or for new parents or my nephew who is going to start going to college this year.

But the day I made this card, I kinda had a small disagreement with my mom over phone on a project we both were working on. Come on , we all have been there. And no matter from which country you are, it’s the same with mothers. My mother, i must mention, is a very talented, super hardworking, inquisitive, strong  and an extraordinary women. So that makes it even harder to be in disagreement with her. LOL!

Anyway, I was not feeling good about our conversation after the call ended and while I was feeling a bit low, I heard a voice from behind telling me – “It’s ok! Turn the page and start over”. It was our 10yrs old son. I am so blessed to have this wise lil kiddo by my side and I immediately took his advise. So I quickly (perks of CAS style) made this card to start things over on the project I was working on with my mom. I went over to her place to give her the card (oh, she lives just a block away).

The best part was, that even before i gave her the card, my mom had forgotten all about our disagreement, it was as if nothing ever happened. We were chit chatting as usual and I was enjoying her homemade treats. She was there for me like always, no matter what. Come on , we all have been there. And no matter from which country you are, it’s always the same with mothers. They can’t stop loving. Isn’t it. Never the less I gave her the card and told her what a wise lil grandson she had.

Now, while I am typing this post, my mom and my son are sitting by my side and teasing me & joking about how even when I was in a hurry to make a card for my mom, i combined it with an upcoming challenge for CASology. Lol!! What can I say,  I am just wired that way….. he he he he!!!

So get crafting to spread some smiles around. Just remember to keep it CAS. Can’t wait to see your creative take on this cue word.

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Hope you liked my card. let me know by leaving me comments. I really love reading them and appreciate the time you spend on my blog.



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